The delicate ring with a filigree heart-shape head. The central 0.5 ct diamond is set in a unique bezel mounted on a spring. Accent diamonds of 0.2 ct are incorporated into the ring to add a touch of sparkle and glamour. The distinctive feature of this ring is the adjustable size. The Ring is made in 18K white and yellow gold. Subtle and elegant details enhance the charm of the Ring and compose an unforgettable creation, giving the jewel a refined perfection of a genuine masterpiece of Art. The inspiration behind this piece of jewelry is my visit to the oldest University in Germany named after Ruprecht I in the city of Heidelberg. I dreamt for a long time of visiting this cradle of learning. The Heidelberg University's motto is “Semper apertus” (“Always open”), and it perfectly matches my state of mind and the desire to be perpetually open to the diversity of the world. I was also greatly impressed by the outstanding items of the astronomy collection from the observatories of Heidelberg. Those old instruments were very complex yet functional and laconic. I was amazed by the elaborate carving embellishing the instruments. For me they became the embodiment of the Universe, and I felt a desire to create a jewel that in its essence would be similar to those authentic astronomic instruments.

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